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Scripps Oral Pathology Service was established in 1956, quite possibly the first independent diagnostic oral pathology lab in the world. Since our inception, we have helped thousands across the country and have managed over a quarter of a million cases. Additionally, a number of new diseases have been identified largely through the analysis of cases diagnosed in our laboratory, and a number of established diseases have been further elucidated.


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Why Choose Scripps Oral Pathology Service


Scripps Oral Pathology Service is trusted by hundreds to provide timely, accurate diagnoses. Our oral pathologists are board-certified diplomats of the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology and have extensive training and education.

One Of The Few Private Oral Pathology Labs

When Scripps Oral Pathology Service was established in 1956, it was possibly the first independent diagnostic oral pathology laboratory in the world. Today, our team reviews thousands of specimens every year and can provide faster results than university labs.

Quick Turnaround Guaranteed

At Scripps Oral Pathology Service, we pride ourselves on providing fast, accurate results to our referring doctors. After receiving the specimen, we are able to provide 24 hour turnaround, so that you and your patients don’t need to wait any longer than necessary.

“Scripps Oral Pathology is truly my partner in patient care. They provide timely and professional support and detailed pathology reports that help me and my patients to better understand the pathologic entities. Additionally, they are always available for telephone consultation and questions.”

Barry H. Frank, DDS – Oral Surgeon

Our Services

  • Routine Tissue Exam & Diagnosis

    This service constitutes the majority of our work and generally includes gross and microscopic examination and diagnosis of oral, head and neck surgical biopsy and excision specimens.

  • Direct Tissue Immunofluorescence Examination

    his highly specific analysis is used primarily for the diagnostic confirmation of immunologically mediated vesiculobullous diseases such as mucous membrane (cicatricial) pemphigoid and pemphigus vulgaris. However, it can also be helpful in the confirmation of atypical cases of oral lichen planus as well as lupus erythematosus and erythema multiforme.

  • Fungal Smear Examination

    This test is used to evaluate for the presence of superficial fungal infection—primarily oral candidiasis.

  • Radiographic Consultation

    This service is provided to clinicians desiring a diagnostic report regarding radiographic lesions. In addition to listing a radiographic impression or differential diagnosis, recommendations for patient management may also be offered.

  • Microslide Review / Second Opinion

    This service is being requested with increasing frequency because of increased utilization of managed healthcare plans. The high volume of cases processed by the contracted pathology labs and the usual lack of an oral pathologist on their staff often results in more general/nonspecific diagnoses of oral, head and neck specimens than clinicians and patients desire.

Meet Our Team

Oral Pathologist Dr. Gretchen Folk

Gretchen Folk, DDS, MS – Director

Dr. Folk completed her Oral Pathology residency training at the Naval Dental School in Bethesda, MD and the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology. Upon graduation, she also received a MS degree in Oral Biology from George Washington University. In 2004, Gretchen joined the pathology department at the Naval Medical Center San Diego, where she also served as Department Head of Anatomic Pathology. Dr. Folk is a regular guest lecturer at Loma Linda University. She has contributed to the head and neck pathology, ENT and oral surgery literature.

She has been a staff pathologist at Scripps Oral Pathology Service since 2006 and her special interests include salivary gland neoplasia and soft tissue pathology.

Oral Pathologist Dr. Lee Slater

Lee J. Slater, DDS, MS – Staff Pathologist

Dr. Slater graduated from the UCLA School of Dentistry. He received his oral pathology residency training at Indiana University with Drs. Shafer and Tomich. During his career as a US Air Force oral pathologist, he spent ten years at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP). Dr. Slater has been a staff pathologist at SOPS since 2000.

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